Air Stunt Racing

Air Stunt Racing

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Welcome Rookie Pilot!

We might as well warn you in advance! This game is addicting! Highly addicting! Are you looking for a new favorite game to play? Is your gaming addiction starving to be fed? We have the solution for you right here! Yup, ‘Air Stunt Racing’ will suck you right in (like an airplane engine) and will quickly have you begging for “one more go”

Your mission in this beautiful and crisp arcade game is to become the best air racer in the world by completing a series of crazy missions packed with funny aerial acrobatics! Our game puts you in the pilot’s seat of a tiny, but highly maneuverable propeller plane capable of performing incredible stunts! Get ready for the joyride of your life and be prepared for some fast and furious (not to mention fun and hilarious) action from start to finish!

You think you have what it takes? You think you know how to dominate the skies? This is your opportunity to prove your worth, not just to yourself, but also to your friends online!
In addition to imaginary barf-bags and invisible oxygen masks, ‘Air Stunt Racing’ comes with the following awesome features:

- An incredible 15 racing tracks in a variety of stunning environments
- Crazy missions to complete earning you virtual currency (ever flipped a cow before?)
- Additional airplanes, cool items and extra levels can be unlocked with virtual money
- Easy-to-learn & highly Intuitive accelerometer controls
- Play solo or race against your own ‘ghost’ (yikes!)
- Head-to-head multiplayer! Beat the heck out of your friends online!
- Realistic physics and weather systems
- Game Center Support
- Worldwide Leaderboards
- Achievements
- Stunning visuals and Retina support where available

And that’s just the beginning! For those seeking an extra thrill you can try out the Lucky Wheels mini-game or choose to fly the ‘Crazy Chicken Transport’! (Seriously, we’re not kidding … we put that in our game!)

What are you waiting for? Buckle up pilot and get ready for takeoff! It’s time to wreck some havoc in the skies by downloading this gem of game right now!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or problems. We will try to deliver the best support possible and we love to hear your ideas.