Amazing Bobo


Warning: This is extremely cute!
Are you ready for the most amazing journey of your very own ***Amazing Bobo*** ? It is time to really enjoy an adventurous journey with Bobo. Don't miss to meet his enemies on the way. Use Bobo as a classic platform game while performing incredible jumps at same time. It is now on you to save...
Bobo from Rattie Mattie Snake, Weird Rat, and The Fella Enemy Birds. See how far you can go without being attacked. Enjoy the amazing bonus chapters of Bobo’s visit to Berlin and China. Please rate us and love Bobo as much as we do!!! Are you ready to perform some cool jumps, cracks, hops and leaps? Check out this fun and addictive game. FEATURES Easy to pick up game play. Impossible to put down. 120 levels and even more to come soon! Amazing HD graphics. iPhone5 Support. Most enjoyable soundtracks. Endless fun! The enemies seem so adorably cute, but are bloody dangerous at the same time.