Dino Squad



+Box2d physics
+Amazing Ragdoll physics !
+HD and SD graphics.
+17 cool Achievements
+Positional audio (requires headphones)!
+Easy controls (no buttons, just touch the left or right side of the screen to move the vehicle)
+Accelerometer goodness !! (Tilt your phone to balance the car)
+25 challenging levels, with more free ones to come in future updates.
+Moving Platforms, Elevators, buttons, and many other interactions in the levels
+Plays iPod music.
+Cute artworks.
+Beautiful sounds and music
+Suitable for all family members
+Very, VERY challenging !

The events of this game occur in a parallel universe, where man lived at the times of dinosaurs !

Humans were dinosaurs' best friends, they lived a happily in peace till an unfortunate events were about to occur !

Thanks to human's technology at that time, they were able to detect the presence of huge meteors
that were about to hit earth, endangering man's giant friends !, oh no !!

This is when DinoSquad was formed, with a mission to relocate all dinosaurs on this parallel earth to a safe place in order to avoid their extinction !

Being human, they had to forget someone behind !, a baby T-Rex called "Rawr !" (As named by her dinosaur parents)

Take your DinoVehicle on this amazing human/dinosaur adventure to bring "Rawr !" back to her parents before the meteors hit Earth !

P.S: Rawr loves cookies, there are 3 cookies on each level, keep your passenger happy!
P.S.S: Rawr also loves speed, it makes her happy !, she'll let you know when you're driving!

Good luck officer !!

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