Fly By Knight


Here is what our players are saying:

"This is one of the best iphone games I have ever played. Game is simple yet addicting, graphics are top notch gameplay is just amazing. Highly recommended to any one. A must have on any apple device!" - Frozz2077

"Hours of side scrolling fun cant stop!!" - Kguy4190

"Don't just give it a look, give it a play and you will be impressed" - iiskan

"Really like the game. The 3-D effects make this platformer stand out from the rest." - LanGodess

Fly By Knight is a new way of playing 2D platform game by flying your dragon to new heights, battling enemies, collecting eggs and obtaining coins, stars, potions and more to progress through your journey!

Story: Your town is attacked by the Knights who wants take away every unhatched egg and and destroys every home. The Knights wants the eggs to raise the baby dragons as part of their team and take over the dragon world. You luckily are forgotten and left untouched. After hatching, Blue sees that his town is destroyed and all of his brothers and sister are taken away by the Knight. Blue sets an adventure to get everything back that belongs to his town.

key highlights:
•new way of playing 2d platform game
•included 20 jampack levels and more to come soon
•many collectables such as: Coins, stars, eggs, potions
•beautiful and fluid physics, graphics, levels, worlds,
•game center, achievements, leaderboard, challenges.