*** In the first 10 racing game in 18 countries! ***

3 ... 2 ... 1 ... light off ... go go GOOO!!!
Start an exciting race between drifting, overtaking and engines exploding!

Climb the CAREER becoming the World Champion and arriving to drive dream cars!
A quick drive game inspired by the old arcade coin op!


> Amazing gameplay! Fluid ... and fast!

> 25 different car!

> Real drivers, legends of Formula 1, quirky characters like Zombies, aliens, grandmothers...
Unlock all!

> Run in 18 different tracks! ... Being careful to oil stains and puddles of water!

> Win 100 different races to become the World Champion!

Make the world record lap comparing yourself in a mode against players around the world!

> Races up to 10 opponents, Time Attack, Vs, Challenge, Long Race...

> Play the SPECIAL GAME! Knock down cones, Crush chickens!

> Drive legendary cars or extravagant: the ice cream truck, the legendary 500, the Mini, the old F1 ...

> World Championship points online!

> Accelerate NITRO or collect the bonus points!

> Unlock the objectives of the game

> Decide the controls of game you want!
pads, joysticks, or use your smartphone or tablet as a steering wheel!

> Win the race and enhances the fans in the BONUS GAME on the podium!

> Turn on or/off the visual mode: OLD COLOR TV!

> Publish your results on Facebook

Universal application that takes advantage of the FULL SCREEN of all iPhone and iPad!