The Rabbiteer


Mav was leading an uneventful rabbit life until he came across a jetpack and flight suit on his morning stroll. When the flight goggles went on, his life changed forever... he became the Rabbiteer! Blasting into the sky, the Rabbiteer explores uncharted floating worlds filled with awesome landscapes
and dangerous enemies.

Tilt and tap to help the Rabbiteer hop from cloud to cloud. Collect powerups to fight the baddies in the sky and pick up Lightning Boosts to travel to different worlds.

The Rabbiteer is depending on you! One false step will send him back to earth!

- Casual, pick up and go gameplay
- Fast-paced tilting and tapping action
- 5 upgradable powerups and boosts
- Unlock bonus characters!
- Boost to different floating worlds
- Optimized for the IPhone 5's tall screen!
- Equipped with adventure and intrigue!