LevelHelper 2

The easiest way to create 2d games.

Download LevelHelper 2

OS X 10.9 or later

Powerful Animations System

You can combination keyframe, bones and spritesheet animations for amazing results.

Integrated Sprites Atlas Editor

Combine sprites in a single image in order to optimize memory consumption.

Integrated Physics Editor

Create rectangular, circle or advanced traced shapes, add holes, change material properties and apply collision filters.

Integrated Code Editor

Autocomplete, live syntax check, block folding, multiple themes, all important languages.

Advanced Camera System

Follow objects, create cutscenes, zoom in and out and restrict viewable area inside the game world.

Advanced Joints

Build motorised vehicles, create complex mechanical structures and tie objects with ropes that can be cut with a swipe.

Multi-device, multi-platform

Supports all platforms and all devices. Live preview which reduces the need to build.