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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Mac App Store version and PRO version?
No difference in terms of features.
The Mac App Store app binary is sandboxed and as such at certain points it may ask for access to the project files. This dialogue will only appear once.
On how many computers can a PRO version activation code be used?
On a maximum of 2 computers at a time. If you need to work on a 3'rd computer, you will need to purchase another code or deauthorize one of the first 2 computers.
I changed my computer and the license no longer validates. What should I do?
Deauthorize one of the previously used computers. If you no longer have access to the old computers, please contact me in order to deauthorize them.
I have a game created with LevelHelper and I will like to post it under the Showroom section. What should I do ?
Send me screenshots, app icon, description, links to app stores and video links (if any). I will do the rest.
Is LevelHelper 2 subscription based ?
No! A license is for life, however you only get free updates for 1 year.


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